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Investing on the Costa del Sol

Investing on the Costa del Sol; A life investment or financial gain investment?

Thinking of investing on the Costa del Sol? Lets start this blog with a question: Is there just one definition to “investment” when buying property on the Costa del Sol?

I believe there is!

Definition: the action or process of investing money for profit.

This is exactly what an investment is – Turning any type of money invested into something for a certain amount of time and turned into a profit! Nothing else!

Business or personal?

Many people confuse the sentence investing on the Costa del Sol with a personal feeling, which diverts the real sense to invest. The property market here is so complex with choice, prices and areas; one really needs to understand how it works and what to look for. It really does not matter if you are buying a holiday home or for relocation.  Most buyers need to know what they are buying the property for.

Only the pure investment will make you a decent return here on the Costa Del Sol. An investment with no emotions attached to the property. Nevertheless, buying a holiday home here is considered an investment, however, for personal reason to the buyers, not financial profit.

For example: A holiday home is bought to enjoy an amazing lifestyle owning your own property overseas, the money spent on this has come, for many, from lifetime savings, the sale of a property, inheritance, a bonus from work etc. etc.

The point I am trying to make is that anything you buy is in one way or another considered investing on the Costa del Sol. Attach emotions to this for personal enjoyment, will change the pure definition; investing for financial profit!

I have now been in Marbella for 3 years, 14 years in the overseas market. Seeing how the property market has changed in so many ways in such a short amount of time. This year, 2017, is really the year to look suiting any kind of buyer for any definition of investment.

New developments are flying like giving away free candy to children giving both types of “investors” something very good!

Choose where to invest

Choosing a place to buy here on the Costa Del Sol requires full knowledge of the property market, what the different areas have to offer and what the future development will be like. All these factors will determine what and where you can buy.

I am unable to change what the market offers, or change how many front line beach properties are for sale along the coast. The only thing I can do is help anyone with all requirements find the best possible property within their budget and requirements!

Some examples:

investing on the costa del sol

Under 100,000€ – I am able to show you properties, however you cannot expect a lot – and generally on the Costa Del Sol, it’s the available property that chooses you which checks most of your requirements. See this 1 bedroom for 86k close to everything.

investing on the costa del sol

100,000€ to 200,000€ – this is also another tough market, especially if you want to be walking distance to everything and want something modern. There are great properties in this price range, however one needs to also understand the Costa Del Sol market is once again growing quickly and each month will be more difficult, some areas will be unreachable at this level of price and in those cases it is the area that chooses you for a better selection.

investing on the costa del sol


investing on the costa del sol

200,000€ to 400,000€ – this price range really starts to open more options, areas and properties. You are more in a position to choose both area and property within your requirements. Especially on the just launched new developments offering some amazing properties – see an off plan beach side from 270k and renovated flats walking distance to Puerto Banus for only 378k.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg! Is your budget from  400,000€+, 1,000,000€+ you can expect so much more here with 110 Kms of coast line and about 20 Kms inland, thousands of properties to choose from, all you need is to ask me!

I am here to help, educate about all of the Costa Del Sol, I do not just sell you property, I sell you an area, a lifestyle you dream of having, all the services needed to have a home here and of course the dream property! Or, the best return you can get to buy, rent and sell eventually…. (or not)

Start investing on the Costa Del Sol and let me help you get the best property on offer today!

Original Post by Benoit Panissie can be found here


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